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UN: Covid jobs crisis 'most severe' since 1930s

The global economy lost the equivalent of 225 million jobs in 2020 - four times more than in the financial crisis.

225 million jobs were lost worldwide in 2020 thanks to the pandemic, report finds

The coronavirus pandemic took a huge toll on global jobs last year, the United Nations said Monday, with the equivalent of more than a quarter of a billion lost.

The pandemic destroyed 225 million jobs worldwide, but billionaires got richer, reports find

At least 225 million full-time jobs disappeared worldwide last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by the International Labor Organization. But the wealthiest people got even ...

Governors’ shutdowns did not cause the pandemic jobs crisis

But pandemic-related economic research shows the shutdowns aren’t killing jobs; the virus is. In the first outbreaks last spring, people stayed home to avoid contracting the deadly novel coronavirus, ...

Estonia Gets New Cabinet With Women in Almost Half of Top Jobs

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas’s government was confirmed by parliament less than two weeks after the previous coalition collapsed amid a corruption probe.

World lost equivalent of 255m jobs in 2020: UN

In a fresh study, the UN's International Labour Organization (ILO) found that a full 8.8 percent of global working hours were lost in 2020, compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. That is equivalent ...

Hundreds of jobs under threat as Hays Travel confirms plans to close 89 shops

The firm has confirmed it is closing 89 branches as part of a planned consolidation of its retail estate and offering options for alternative work to staff. Hays took over 555 Thomas Cook stores when ...

Pandemic destroyed 225m jobs worldwide

Job destruction has disproportionately affected low-paid and low‑skilled jobs, by the International Labor Organisation said. Merck abandons its vaccine effort. Follow news here.

Jo-Ann Stores to create 175 jobs at e-commerce facility in West Jefferson

State information shows the new project would create 175 full-time-equivalent employees and $5.7 million in new annual payroll.

Hays Travel to permanently close 89 former Thomas Cook stores with 388 jobs at risk

The company said the national lockdown and travel ban, which forced major holiday operators to suspend their flights and holidays, meant the company had to act immediately ...

‘Jobs for Nature’ opens wealth of opportunities

A total of $34m under the ‘Jobs for Nature’ programme will be allocated to groups working to protect biodiversity in New Zealand. The financial support will enable beneficiaries to employ additional ...